Psychology in Selling: for Buyer Advocates

Discover how to get the cutting-edge advantage as a Buyer’s Agent in today’s market! We live in very challenging times so we must develop skills not only to understand people but also how to influence people’s decision making, to be able to close deals.

Pancho has the only online training suite tailored for Buyers’ Agents that has a proven record of results.

What are the most important Psychological Sales Skills you will need to sell and negotiate in today’s market?

  • How people make decisions under financial pressure
  • How you can be the one person that buyers, vendors and investors go to for all their property needs
  • How to communicate your value effectively to agents, mortgage brokers and other referral partners
  • How to calm stressed clients quickly and effectively to become their lighthouse.

What does the program look like?

6 x Monthly online live training sessions

Follow up exercises tailored for each session

Exclusive access to recorded audio streaming 

Start date: Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Date:  3rd Tuesday of every month

Time:   10am to 11am (AEST)

Holiday periods taken into account and alternative dates provided.

Get the Psychology in Selling for Buyer Advocates course for only $107.50 (inc GST) per month or a single payment of $605 (inc GST) for complete access.

What you will get when you sign up

  • Pre-training form to be completed prior to training
  • Access to monthly training sessions
  • Your log in details for access to Audio files
  • Follow up activities
  • Additional resources related to your course

Get the course for just $107.50 (inc gst) per month for 6 months or a single payment of $605 (inc gst) for access to the 6 month course!

What our clients say about us

The training was significant for me as it was about changing my mind set, change my outlook and what I have learned is to adapt to certain situations, be more empathetic and listen to people more and focus and be more direct 

John, Bawdens Industrial

Pancho’s training is truly phenomenal, and it does help you to build your attitudes and behaviour in my work and personal life. I’ve certainly changed compared to where I was last year, especially with my ability to excel in my career and sold a career high sale last year, sold my highest ever sales of 2.7 million and have started to build a bigger pipeline.

Joseph, Raine & Horne

We went through the training session and straight after that I went into 2 meetings with clients.  I used the language we learnt in the training session and within 10 minutes, I had both the appraisals wrapped up and done!

Robert, Raine & Horne